the times, they are a changin’

Do you ever stop to think about where you were a year ago? I do. Quite a lot. Because my life seems to change rather quickly.

A year ago, I was just starting a summer internship. I would roll out of bed at 5:42 am, put on a suit and heels, and drive an hour in DC traffic. I was halfway through my masters program. I was working on a novel, although I didn’t tell many people about it. I didn’t know if I could write any fiction worth reading. (more…)

four eyes see more than two

When I was 7, I got my first pair of glasses. It wasn’t exactly a surprise. When your parents and grandparents all have less-than-perfect vision, no one’s shocked that you need glasses.

I married a man with perfect vision. He can open his eyes in the morning and see clearly. It’s annoying. Especially when he says, “Really? You can’t see that?” No dear. Without some form of vision correction, my world is a bunch of fuzzy shapes. Thank you for reminding me how well you can see everything.

And it occurred to me all the things I’ve learned over my nearly 20 years of vision correction. So here it is. A few things we “four eyes” know that you perfect vision folk will never understand. Life lessons that came from our imperfect eyeballs. (more…)

sunlight & assumptions

This weekend, I lounged by a pool with a book and a super-cute pair of sunglasses. The water sparkled like a thousand tiny stars, the sunlight was bright and warm on my skin. If I had taken a picture, you would’ve seen exactly what I described. And if I stopped my description there, you’d probably think it sounded like paradise.

But that’s not the entire picture. The sun might have been warm, but the air was approximately 57 degrees, with a powerful wind that would kick up and make me wish I had a big, fuzzy blanket. (more…)