first sip

There’s a magical moment toward the beginning of my day. It’s my first sip of freshly-ground, freshly-brewed coffee – a delightful blend of Sumatra Iskandar and Decaf Ethiopian with a splash of fabulous creamer (like International Delight’s Almond Joy. So good.). It’s that moment one second after I wonder if I’ve got the right balance of strength and creamer.

There are moments of our lives like that too, when we’re dancing on the edge of something incredible. We hesitate, two seconds away from venturing into it, delicious anticipation dancing on our tongues.

Sometimes we miss it. Sometimes we jump right in, so focused on the end result we forget to savor the anticipation. I know. The waiting can be torture and we’re so anxious to reach what we want. But without that moment of wonder, of anticipation, the first sip isn’t nearly as delicious.

If I treated my coffee like one more thing on my to-do list, it would have much less meaning. Instead, I savor it. I inhale the scent of fresh beans as I fill my coffee-maker. I revel in the wafting smell while it’s brewing. And then, when the process is done and I’ve filled my cup, I pause. And then I sip and let the deliciousness roll around on my tongue.

That’s how I drink coffee.

That’s also how I try to live. Not from one to-do list to the next. Not moving from one task to the next like I’m playing connect-the-dots. (Man alive, anyone else remember those puzzles?) I don’t want a fragmented, pieced-together life, but one that moves fluidly from one adventure to another, pausing to appreciate and celebrate, like a beautiful dance.

Pause. Think. Appreciate. And then drink coffee. <– Halee’s life rules. 😉

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