Of Love and the Ocean

My husband once told me no one loves the beach as much as I do. And I don’t know whether that makes me feel special or sad—special because maybe I have a connection to it that other people don’t have or sad because other people don’t love it as much. Either way, something about the beach seems to feed my soul. If it’s been too long since I was last there, I feel it. Life starts to feel like it’s piling up on me.

So we try to go to the beach every year. And our vacations do double duty for me, since they’re also research for my books. This June, we spent a week on Topsail Island, NC, where my latest manuscript is set. (more…)

Independence Day

On the weekend when Americans celebrate their freedom, as on most holidays, my mind wanders to the incredible men and women who defend that freedom.

To those who serve, whatever their uniform or attire, I say thank you. And to their families, who make sacrifices that are so often overlooked, I offer my heartfelt gratitude and respect.

Our country exists because of brave souls like them who, 240 years ago, summoned their courage and refused to yield, using whatever talents they could offer to construct the framework of a new country.

May we never take that hard-won freedom for granted and may we ever be inspired to find for our talents a bold and beautiful purpose. Happy Independence Day.

introducing The Quill

Once upon a time, a quirky, design-obsessed writer looked at the writing tools around her and frowned.

She frowned because the tools just didn’t look so great and some of them didn’t make much sense. And she saw so many writers around her losing hard work due to technical glitches, and that made her frown even more.

But this quirky writer was married to a brilliant, tech-y human. (more…)