When I was only 8 years old, I experienced something incredible. I was in my first play. (Not counting the random skits put on to entertain family.)

Over the course of two summer weeks, I had lessons in dance, drama, and voice at a local civic center, all culminating in a mostly-kids production of The Hobbit.

Not gonna lie, I kinda rocked the goblin look, don’t you think?

The Hobbit blog

(Gotta love the orange circles around my eyes. Note to self: add that to your makeup routine. Great way to draw attention to your eyes.) (more…)

Birthday corpses!

“And then you’ll go around a tree in the road,” she added.

Surely my Bluetooth was breaking up. A tree in the road. Sure. It was kinda funny, actually.

“I’m sorry . . . what was that?” I queried, wondering what Beth actually¬†said.

“There’s this tree in the road. It narrows to one lane . . .” (more…)

there are adventures to be had

This is my birthday week. That’s right. On Thursday night, I will officially be 28.

I say officially because I’ve thought I was 28 since a month after I turned 27. I don’t know what it was about 27 I apparently found so offensive that I wanted to skip it. Really couldn’t tell you. It seems like a nice number. I have nothing against it. But for some reason, anytime someone asked, my brain kept telling me I was 28.

So apparently I’m going to keep turning 28. And to celebrate, I get to have two fabulous weekends. (more…)