I See You

Dear you,

I see you. I see you, working that entry-level job, wondering if you’ll ever get to where you want to be. And you, staying home with your kids, trying to figure out if you made the right decision to take a different path. And you, drowning in a full-time job that spills into every angle of your life, leaving no room for your other passions.

I see you, trying to find a way to balance your obligations with your dreams, wondering if you’ll ever find the right middle ground. And you, fighting for a future that seems so distant, so out of reach. And you, wishing you could improve your life for yourself, your family. You have dreams. You have goals.

You can achieve greatness, but it doesn’t have to be today.

I know, I know. Life is short and tomorrow isn’t promised to us. I get that, believe me. It feels like you need to run full-out toward everything you want and never stop until you reach it.

But you need breaks too. You won’t get to where you want to be if you exhaust yourself before you get there. Take a moment, step back for a second. It’s okay, even healthy, to take a moment to be still. Sure, don’t use that as an excuse to sit around expecting everything you want to fall at your feet. But if you’re always fighting for what you want, constantly striving, consider this permission to take a breath, be still for a moment.

You don’t want to worn out and broken down by the time you reach your biggest goals. So take care of yourself. Exercise. Eat your veggies. Drink water. Get sufficient sleep. Make sure when you do get to where you’re going, you’re the best, healthiest version of you so you can enjoy it.

You can achieve greatness, but it doesn’t have to be today.

Some days it might seem like your biggest achievement is just making it through the day. That’s okay. Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply get one day closer. It’s easy to underestimate the little things, but they’re important too. Not all progress is made in big, grand steps.

Sometimes you have to focus on the little things to make space for bigger things tomorrow. Every little task you complete makes space for you thrive. So do those dishes and clean those bathrooms knowing you’re still making progress toward your grand goals.

Don’t get distracted by watching everyone on social media announcing big achievements, making it seem like you’re falling behind. That’s just perception. People are quieter about the small wins. Don’t let that influence your perspective of your own life. You’re doing just fine.

Because you can achieve greatness. But it doesn’t have to be today.


  1. Laurie Tomlinson
    Feb 27, 2019 @ 21:27:24

    So you’re saying the body needs sleep sometimes? 🙂 Loved this post!


    • halee
      Feb 27, 2019 @ 22:47:11

      I mean, rumor has it…


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