New York, part 1

Once upon a time, in the middle of July, a writer girl hopped on a train in her purple chucks and went to a big city with her husband to celebrate her birthday.

Union Station
First, they entered a grand place called Union Station, a small city unto itself. Then they boarded a train, which was a particular treat for the writer girl since she had never traveled by train before.

Train 3

Off they went, speeding through one state after another, past smokestacks still standing even after the building is long gone.

Train 4
Through fields and over rivers and lakes.

Train 2
Past train stations, far too silent for such a sunny day.

Train 6 Past junkyards graced by ornate bridges.

Train 5
Through and around great cities, boasting tall, shiny buildings.

Train 1
Under bridges, through the warm air, the train rumbled. Until it reached its destination: the land of Broadway.

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