Earl Grey day

As promised, the continuation of my birthday weekend adventure:

After playing murder in the icebox, Beth and I hefted towels, food, water, and Orli (my camera) and planted ourselves on the beach. The sky was clear, the sun warm.

Beach 6

We sat, enjoying this view and chatting. Until Beth turned and looked behind me.
“Oh wow!” she exclaimed.
(Can I just say, it makes me seriously nervous when people look behind me and make strange faces.)
“What?” I was almost afraid to look. I turned slowly, half-expecting to see some kind of killer seagull about to bury a claw in my neck.
I saw this instead:

Beach 2

A massive, beautiful storm, rolling in behind us.

Beach 8

Weird, right? And if I simply turned around . . .

Beach 1

Like a two-faced sky.

Beach 9
I got as close to the dunes as I could without climbing on them. Most places frown on that, and I didn’t want to get Beth banned for life.

Beach 7

I promise I didn’t put this pic in black and white. This is full color.

Beach 4

What a storm.

It wasn’t quite the beach day I was expecting, but man I love storms and it gave us some great views. The stormy and gray day was much like the way Beth and I had described the flavor of Earl Grey when we tried it the day before. (My main character likes it so it was time for me to give it a taste. And of course I had to enlist the help of my tea-loving friend.)

Earthy, elegant, stormy. It was an Earl Grey day. (Maybe when we were throwing out adjectives, we were actually writing the weather forecast… Note to self: try that again.)

Oddly enough, we didn’t actually end up getting rained on. Somehow the storm mostly skirted around us but kindly wandered by close enough for me to capture a little bit of it. And share a few pieces with you.


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