nothing gold

It whispered to me as I rushed by, a hint of pink blushing the clouds. “Come look,” it murmured. Only the edge of a sunset was visible from inside our apartment. But it was promising me more. Not yelling or demanding my attention. Just whispering.

I listened.

I’ve learned, over the past few years, to listen to those whispers, to recognize the moments that deserve appreciation. Life is short and these moments aren’t promised to us.

I ventured out onto the balcony and found the whispered promise beyond expectation.

Bursting from their cloud curtains, streams of sunlight reached for the heavens. Running back inside I grabbed my husband and my camera, and we watched as the sunlight danced across the sky, fading from brilliant yellow to burnt gold, glowing cinders of a dying fire. And it reminded me of a Robert Frost poem:

“So dawn goes down to day,

Nothing gold can stay.”

Nothing gold can stay. So breathe it in before it’s gone, and capture the moment if you can.

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