The pain wells up,
And it tries to drown you,
Pulls you down deep.
There’s nothing you can do.

Accident, tragedy,
Heartbreak, despair.
It swirls all around you.
“God, are you there?”

You’re stronger.
Stronger than you think.
You’re stronger.
Stronger than you know.

Fight back against the darkness.
Push through, past the pain.
Reach up for your freedom.
Kick against the restraints.

And just when you think
You can’t last any longer,
Give one final push.
You can do it — you’re stronger.

With that last effort,
You’ll break onto the surface.
Gasp the sweet air.
You’re free from the darkness.

The pain of the depths
Will heal slowly,
No longer in control,
Just a memory.

When it comes again —
Tragedy, heartbreak —
There’s one thing to remember,
One thing you must embrace:

You’re stronger than you think.
Stronger than you know.
You. Are stronger.

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