New York, part 1

Once upon a time, in the middle of July, a writer girl hopped on a train in her purple chucks and went to a big city with her husband to celebrate her birthday.

Union Station
First, they entered a grand place called Union Station, a small city unto itself. Then they boarded a train, which was a particular treat for the writer girl since she had never traveled by train before.

Train 3

Off they went, speeding through one state after another, past smokestacks still standing even after the building is long gone.

Train 4
Through fields and over rivers and lakes.

Train 2
Past train stations, far too silent for such a sunny day.

Train 6 Past junkyards graced by ornate bridges.

Train 5
Through and around great cities, boasting tall, shiny buildings.

Train 1
Under bridges, through the warm air, the train rumbled. Until it reached its destination: the land of Broadway.

a foray into photo-poetry

Creation’s Benediction



May the rising waters
Erase the years,
And drown your fears,
And dry your tears.





May the dancing waves
Grant you peace.
May you find release
And laugh with ease.






May the sunlight shine
And warm your skin,
And sink right in,
And glow within.







May the tranquil trees
Guard your solace,
Provide a calm space,
And a still embrace.






Come. Arise.
Throw off restraints.
Dance with the waves.


And thank the One
who by His hand
has made the sun,
and filled the sea,
and formed the land.