Agatha Said, pt. 3

Happy New Year! As it is a Wednesday, it is also time for another Agatha Christie quote, which is, in my view, a wonderful way to start 2020.

Agatha Said:

“Always when I woke up, I had the feeling which I am sure must be natural to all of us, a joy in being alive. I don’t say you feel it consciously — you don’t — but there you are, you are alive, and you open your eyes, and here is another day; another step, as it were, on your journey to an unknown place. That very exciting journey which is your life. Not that it is necessarily going to be exciting as a life, but it will be exciting to you because it is your life. That is one of the great secrets of existence, enjoying the gift of life that has been given to you.”

Context: Just before this passage, Agatha is musing about how fortunate she was to be blessed with such time when she was a child. She always had tasks to do, of course, but she was able to arrange them as she wanted, providing her with a wonderful sense of independence and freedom.

Why I Chose It: First off, I love seeing Agatha’s mindset represented here. She seems to view life as an exciting journey, one meant to be enjoyed instead of just survived. And in spite of the difficulties she had as a child (losing her father, financial worries), she still looks back and appreciates all the positive aspects of her childhood.

It’s also an incredibly appropriate quote for the new year, isn’t it? Simply remembering to enjoy the life we have and appreciate the time we have been given can be powerful. So much has been given to us, so many wonderful gifts inhabit our lives, but too often we overlook those gifts in search of others. We are here, now, alive and entering a brand new year. That, my friends, is something to be celebrated.

Agatha Said, pt. 2

Happy December and welcome to our second Agatha Day! This month’s quote is both lovely and deep.

Agatha Said:

“I was, I suppose, always over-burdened with imagination. That has served me well in my profession – it must, indeed, be the basis of the novelist’s craft – but it can give you some bad sessions in other respects.”

Context: Agatha’s father died when she was eleven, after slowly declining for some years. Following that loss, her mother began to suffer poor health and, as you can expect, young Agatha started to fear losing her mother.

This quote follows an honest account of her anxiety over her mother’s health, a fear that was particularly strong for a couple years. The anxiety faded once Agatha was able to sleep nearby (in her father’s dressing room) so she could hear her mother if she needed help during the night.

Why I Chose It: I love Agatha’s honesty in sharing her childhood struggles with anxiety. That she recognizes a link with her imagination is particularly insightful. Imagination has two sides. It doesn’t just allow a person to imagine positive things; it can lead someone to see all the negative possibilities as well. So often a trait that seems like a gift, from an external perspective, can be quite a burden as well. In this quote, Agatha acknowledges that reality, recognizing the double-edged sword of her own imagination.