imprisoned, part 2

Ready to finish our journey through Alcatraz? Keep your back to the wall and keep moving…




Not such an awful place. The gardens are actually quite lovely.

Alcatraz village

In fact, kids lived in this village. No joke. They’d take the ferry to school every day and then come home to where murderers lived 100 feet away. Can you imagine?


The sun shines on the guilty and the innocent with no bias.

ruin & beauty

Even in ruin, beauty.


Gotta love this warning. Nothing like the threat of imprisonment to keep a girl from busting someone out of the big house.

There ya have it. A photo-journey around the Rock. Without having to do time. 😉


Last week, I spent a day in prison.

Except it’s not a prison any more. It’s a popular tourist destination now known as Alcatraz Island. Back in the day, it was where the worst prisoners were sent: bank robbers, murderers, and income tax evaders (mental note: taxes ain’t no joke).

Welcome to the Rock.

But it wasn’t just a prison. When the prison closed in the ’60s, a group of Native Americans took over the island for a couple of years to protest their treatment.

the big house
The big house.

Cozy, isn’t it? Kinda reminds me of my dorm room.

the yard
The yard.

6 blog_halee in yard
Rocking my purple chucks in the yard of the big house.

And that’s not all, folks. More to come on Tuesday…