the stalker

I have a stalker.

It was cute at first. Everyone else assured me it was innocent fun. They all loved him.

“He’s so great!” they all said. “What kind of person wouldn’t love him?”

But the whole situation spiraled downward quickly. It went from casual acquaintanceship to serious stalking in under a month. (more…)

be winter nice

There’s been a lot of winter happening lately. (Hey, all you people who adore snow? Please remember this winter the next time you start hoping for snow, mmkay?)

We’ve had mounds of snow, bullets of sleet, layers of ice. And it keeps coming. Honestly, it snows here about once a week now. Sometimes twice.

To be honest, even though I don’t like snow, I’ll take the cold weather over the sweltering summer heat any day. But it’s surprised me how many people don’t know how to behave in snowy weather. I’ve decided I’ll help them out. (Isn’t that so nice of me?) So here are Halee’s Rules of Snow-etiquette. (more…)

dear winter

Don’t listen to everyone else–I still like you. I’m sorry everyone is annoyed with you right now. They get tired of the cool temperatures easily. The novelty of snow has worn off now, especially when meteorologists predict it and it never comes. But it’s not your fault that they get paid whether they’re right or wrong.

But I still like you. I like you because I haven’t forgotten what the summer heat is like, how it makes me feel like my skin is going to melt right off. I haven’t forgotten how the humidity wraps around me like a thick, wet towel in a sauna. Everyone else’s memories may be short, but mine is not. (more…)