Why I Took Away My Husband’s Wedding Ring

It happened a couple weeks ago. My husband came home from work and reminded me that I still had his wedding ring. I’d completely forgotten. He’d had to remove his ring at the doctor’s office a few days before and he gave it to me to hold onto. I tucked it into my purse and promptly forgot about it.

I gasped. “You mean for the past three days, you haven’t been married to me!?”

We joke about this a lot. The truth is, I don’t really care if my husband wears a ring. He’s married to me, ring or not. (more…)


Unless you live off the grid, you know there have been a lot of tragic accidents lately. And I’ve seen a ton of reactions. I’ve seen so many people laying blame and almost as many declaring “shame on you” to the blamers.

I can’t be one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I would never say that laying blame in an accident is acceptable. But I can’t find it in me to shame the blamers.


That time when… I had an altercation

This month’s story comes from a day I ended up getting a scrape on my finger. But that’s obviously not the funny part. It’s the how.

I have a strange habit of talking to myself in my mind.

Well, not always just myself. Also other people who simply aren’t there at the moment. It’s usually whoever happens to be on my mind. I have a constantly running mental dialogue. And sometimes my mouth moves in spite of my best efforts to keep it still. (more…)