i rock. so do you.

Whatever it is you’re aiming for in this world, it’s so hard to get there sometimes. You’re headed in the right direction, making progress, when BAM! obstacles start popping up.

For me, it’s finding a job. When I’m browsing through the listings, it’s easy to focus on everything I don’t have. I don’t have 10 years of experience. I don’t have extra certifications. I start to feel beholden to anyone who actually calls me back, which leads to me considering jobs with hours and pay I never would have been okay with before. (“Why yes, I’d love to work all week and every weekend for $7/hour.”) It’s a slippery slope. (more…)


Growing up in a military town, honor had a very specific meaning to me. It meant service to country. It meant being a good citizen. It meant respect for others. In that town, military men and women were respected as heroes.

I was sorry to find that concept of honor wasn’t as widespread outside military towns. Oh, there are plenty of people who feel as I do. But there are also plenty of people who think soldiers are war-obsessed idiots or were tricked into serving. Those views demean the people who protect us.

Yes, sometimes I wish war didn’t exist. I wish everyone in every country was given freedom. But that’s not the case. And freedom — it’s worth fighting for. (more…)

let us educate, part 2

As promised, a few more tips for improving our education system…

4. Change the methods. Sitting and listening to someone talk. Bo-ring. How many adults would actually pay attention the entire time? Now cut that number in half and you’ll have the approximate number of students who are actually paying attention to a lecture. If it’s dull, you better believe their brains are elsewhere. There’s a lot going on for teens these days. They have a lot to deal with. If you want them to be engaged, you need to make it relevant and interesting.

So dump the worksheets. Toss the thirty-minute lecture. And meet your students where they are. Go into their world and make the subject applicable to their lives. (more…)