don’t quote me on that

I saw a quote in Panera the other day. A cute quote about a preference for coffee over compliments, attributed to one of my favorite authors: Louisa May Alcott. Being the good little detail-oriented researcher that I am, I went home and looked it up.

Indeed, the words were penned by Alcott. But they were spoken through the lips of her character, Amy, the youngest sister in Little Women.

I found myself conflicted about that. Authors are quoted through the words of their characters all the time. And while I’m glad acknowledgement is given to the creator of those words, I find myself concerned. (more…)


“This above all: to thine own self be true.” ~ Polonius (Shakespeare)

I used to think that quote was talking about following your dreams, ensuring that your actions fit who you are and all that. But as I’ve gotten older (yeah, okay, I’m not using a walker yet, I know), it’s started to have a different meaning for me. It’s not about actions at all, it’s about being.

Specifically, being honest enough with yourself to¬†be¬†yourself. It’s not as simple as some motivational poster telling you to be yourself. We’re a thousand times more complicated than that. (more…)

dear winter

Don’t listen to everyone else–I still like you. I’m sorry everyone is annoyed with you right now. They get tired of the cool temperatures easily. The novelty of snow has worn off now, especially when meteorologists predict it and it never comes. But it’s not your fault that they get paid whether they’re right or wrong.

But I still like you. I like you because I haven’t forgotten what the summer heat is like, how it makes me feel like my skin is going to melt right off. I haven’t forgotten how the humidity wraps around me like a thick, wet towel in a sauna. Everyone else’s memories may be short, but mine is not. (more…)