age me

“Hi. I have a meeting with Lindsay,” I said.

The teen at the counter smiled at me. “Okay. She just stepped out, but I’ll give her a call.”

I smiled back. “Thanks.” I wandered around the store, mentally preparing for my interview. The teen’s voice floated through the greeting cards to me.

“There’s a girl here to see you,” she said into the phone.

Did a teen really just call me a girl? (more…)

oh hello, ticket-taker

Last night, I stuck into a movie.

I didn’t mean to. It wasn’t some covert op I had planned beforehand. In fact, there was nothing covert about it.

My husband and I met up with a group of his co-workers to check out The Avengers (an excellent movie, by the way). And like a good little planner, I figured I’d stop by the ladies’ room before the movie. As we were standing near the ticket line, I spotted the restroom across the way, near the concessions. So I strolled over there (took me about five minutes). On the way, I passed a guy sitting by a table. I made eye contact, smiled, and kept walking.

When I came out of the bathroom, the group stopped by concessions and then we headed in to the movie. Once we sat down, I realized… we hadn’t shown anyone our tickets. (more…)

option what?

I had a rare experience a couple weeks ago. It happened as I was pulling up to the Starbucks drive-thru. I aimed Luna (my car) into the narrow lane and was thrilled to see there wasn’t a line. The sun was shining, a light breeze was ruffling the trees. A wonderful day.

And then I realized — I had no idea what I wanted.

I always know what I want. I consider it before I leave the apartment. I know whether it’s an iced coffee or hot coffee kind of day. After I decide that, I cycle through my favorite options and find the right one to fit the day. And then I rehearse it in my mind because it usually has over four words. (What can I say? I’m complicated, and so is my coffee.)

Except that day. (more…)