a story to tell

It was a day of misinformation, of bits and pieces that were whispered from hall to hall. I think about my high school years a lot. Not in a sweetly reminiscent, “weren’t those the days” kind of way, but as a benchmark, a comparison for where I am now. And like 99% of Americans, I remember this day more clearly than most of the others.

I had just sat down in my physics class – 3rd period, around 9:30 am. It wasn’t my favorite place to be, but it was ten times better than pre-cal. My friend, and the only other junior in the class, slid into the seat next to me.

“Did you hear?” he asked. “Some bozo just flew his plane into the World Trade Center.” (more…)

dive bomb

It snuck in the door, buzzing like a chainsaw. The monstrous thing dive-bombed me, hissing a scream as it got closer. I cringed and ducked as it powered toward the kitchen light. I wondered whether the killer insect would sting or bite.

My husband stepped back inside. “There’s a bug in here,” I said, as if commenting on the weather, trying to pretend I hadn’t pondered barricading myself in the closet. “It’s by the light.”

We looked. There was nothing there.

“Eh, it was probably just a moth.”

He would live to regret those words. (more…)

crash, boom

I know I don’t normally post on Mondays, but I had one intense, humdinger of a week, folks. A week where nothing went as planned. Which happens sometimes. I get that. I’m good at rolling with the punches. But I’ve been rolling so much I’m dizzy now. I need it to stop.

It started with Tuesday, the day we were supposed to close on our house. My husband took off the rest of the week so we could clean and paint. We packed up our two cars and journeyed almost 2 hours through the 100+ degree heat only to find out that the bank didn’t have their paperwork together (the house is a foreclosure so the seller is a bank). It would be another day or two.

The next day (which happened to be my birthday), we got up and waited around so we’d be ready to jump in the car for the hour and a half drive to closing. Nope, not that day. But we got a time scheduled for Friday. Okay. Later than we thought, but what can ya do? (more…)