Welcome to Word Nerd Wednesday

Like many people in this country, when I was in high school, I had to take the SAT. Oh that hefty, terrifying, life-determining monster, the sorting hat for colleges, the most important test I’d ever take. Pick up an SAT prep book and you’ll find any number of helpful techniques, tips to create a savvy test-taker. I didn’t have many of those books. (They’re expensive, people!) But I do recall one technique I learned in my English class.

It was the power of story. (more…)

We need to talk about “crazy”

It all started with an eight-year-old kid. I was a eighteen-year-old camp counselor at an outdoor center and he was one of my campers. Let’s call him Evan.

Evan had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, something my co-counselor and I knew because one of us took him to the infirmary for his medication every morning. Evan was very aware of his own diagnosis. He used to say, “if I don’t get my meds, I’m gonna go crazy!” (more…)

Goodbye, Cheese

I’m not someone who backs down from a challenge. Truth is, sometimes I even go after it, smack it in the face and go “whatcha gonna do??” So when my husband came home from the doctor a few months ago and told me he had to avoid the most common food allergens for the next five to six months . . . well, I’ll be honest, first I thought about cheese.

I’m Southern, okay? There is no main dish that cannot be improved by the addition of cheese. (more…)