These Boots Were Made for Dreaming

Today I want to tell you a story. I am a storyteller, after all. My story today is about a very special pair of shoes.

Years ago, I I fell in love with a pair of boots the moment I saw them, but I knew these boots needed a special occasion. They cost more than I would ordinarily spend on shoes, but they were so beautiful and so very me. I thought about waiting until I had something to celebrate, but I knew by then the boots could be gone, out of stock.

So I bought the boots to keep for the future, and they stayed in the box. I knew exactly what they were waiting for. I knew exactly what I would be celebrating when I wore them for the first time—signing with a literary agent.

Those boots stayed in the box for a lot of years. Sometimes I would open the box just to look at them and run my fingers over the soft suede, but I never wore them. I pictured the day I would wear these gorgeous boots. I could see it in my mind. I’d be strolling down a sidewalk with scattered leaves, wearing trouser jeans and a sweater. (When I imagine the future, it’s always fall.)

I held on to that mental image for years while the rejections piled up. I was tempted to wear the boots anyway. How long was I supposed to wait before I just wore the darn boots? They were doing no one any good stuck in that box.

But I waited. And I believed in that image and that one day some day.

Let me tell you, these boots sure feel good. So thrilled to be on Team Samantha.

Just trying to model some shoes.
This one cracks me up. Don’t I look like I’m about to challenge someone to a dance-off?


  1. Judy Murray
    Oct 28, 2020 @ 19:25:19

    Congratulations for sticking with the work to reach your dream. Enjoy your boots!


    • halee
      Oct 28, 2020 @ 19:45:20

      Thank you so much!! It’s been quite a journey, and I’ve learned the power of a strong visual to help me stay hopeful.


  2. Valita
    Nov 15, 2020 @ 08:12:27

    Congratulations! Love the pictures!!


    • halee
      Nov 19, 2020 @ 19:37:40

      Thank you!! 😀


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