Word Nerd Wednesday: Be Fierce

Happy Word Nerd Wednesday! Today’s word story introduces you to an incredible lady named Tanya.

Tanya is a human rights lawyer. Intelligent and compassionate, she fights for the rights and freedom of people across the world. Whenever she sees injustice, she raises her voice and refuses to back down. Her voice is absolutely fierce.

“Voice is fierce” = vociferous (vo-SIF-er-us), meaning marked by an insistent outcry or vehement shouting. Tanya is not someone who sits passively while people are being used or abused. She raises her voice, powerfully, to fight injustice whenever she encounters it.

Like a lot of women, Tanya was raised to be polite, well-mannered to the point of withholding her opinions. But as she got older, she realized that there are times when silence is dangerous, when a person must raise their voice to the point where they can no longer be ignored. And for her, that need arises in the defense of others.

All of us reach an age where we must decide what is worth fighting for. And then, like Tanya, we must speak up and speak out vociferously, with voices most fierce, in defense of those values we hold dear.

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