Word Nerd Wednesday: Moochers Beware

Happy Word Nerd Wednesday! Is it just me or does it feel like this week is straggling? But we’ve made more than halfway. The end is in sight, my friends!

Moving right along. This week’s word story is about a woman named Cici.

Cici is bubbly and outgoing. She’s fun to be around. There’s just one major drawback to a friendship with Cici: she tends to ask for things, a lot, without giving back. Basically, she’s an emovamp,├é┬ásomeone who takes so much more than she gives. Her favorite phrase seems to be “Can’tcha? Please?” Every person who knows Cici has heard that phrase more than once as she badgers them to give her things they’ll never get back.

“Can’tcha” = cadge (rhymes with badge), meaning to sponge, beg, or mooch. We’ve all had to borrow from time to time, relying on the generosity of our friends. But mooching, always taking, never reciprocating, that’s just poor form all around. Don’t cadge, people.

So the next time someone tries to mooch off you, feel free to declare “don’t you try to cadge from me!” Or possibly, “alway with you and your cadging ways!” Whatever you prefer.

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