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When you buy a house, you acquire a number of mysteries. I’m not talking about doors closing on their own or thumps in the night or unclaimed boxes in the attic. No, our house mystery came in the form of a single light switch.

Light switches themselves are not mysterious. Flip the switch, a light turns on. Not complicated. (Assuming you have enough bulbs.)

Except this switch–a switch in our bedroom that didn’t seem to control anything in our bedroom, oddly enough. We joked, as we flipped it on and off repeatedly, that somewhere a light was flashing like an S-O-S signal. Or maybe a garage door was flying up and down. Who knew? Not us, clearly.

What was even more baffling was that it was a 3-way, meaning somewhere, presumably, another switch controlled the same thing. But we couldn’t figure it out. So we shrugged it off as one of those things, one of those mysteries that you acquire.


(You know every good story has an “until.”)

Just a few days ago, my husband was playing with the light switches in the kitchen, noting which ones turned on which deck lights. And then he noticed… one of them was a 3-way.

I bolted upstairs to flip the mystery switch. (Thankfully, my husband knew what I was doing, instead of assuming I had lost my mind.)

Yes, ladies and gents, for some reason unknown to me (or probably any architect or builder) our bedroom contains a light switch for the deck. Why we would need to see the deck in the darkness from our bathroom windows, I’m not entirely sure. But there it is.

The mystery of the light switch? Solved.

On to the next….

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