boldness and carts

Do you ever struggle with boldness?

I do. Maybe it’s because I’m an introvert. Maybe it’s because I have an overactive imagination and I can see all the ways being bold can go terribly, terribly wrong. In any case, I had a boldness-possible situation today.

Confronted with an ever-growing list of needed Target item, I decided if I didn’t go today, the list would just keep growing until it took me five trips to carry everything up from my parking spot.

That thought (and some coffee, of course) gave me the motivation I needed. I threw on my purple chucks, grabbed my lime green purse, and caught a lift down from Homer. Ten minutes later, I was wandering into Target.

The lady in front of me stopped just inside the doors, telling the salesperson she was looking for her sister, so I maneuvered around her to grab a cart and went on my merry way. Though maybe not so merry–after a few feet, my cart let out a robust wacka-wacka-whirrrrrOh well, I thought. At least people will know I’m coming, right? (Sometimes I try to look on the bright side…)

My time was limited, so I pressed on with my loudly protesting cart. As I made my way across the store, I saw a lady walking slowly, looking around. I paused, wondering if she was the missing sister.

I should say something. But if it’s not her, she’ll think I’m nuts. But what if it is her? It’s not really my business. But what if I could help?

Like I said, I have a problem with boldness. I usually end up debating my options so long that the opportunity passes me by. Then again, maybe that’s why I do it–because I know if I just waffle long enough, the decision will be made for me.

But in this case, I chose boldness. I pulled up next to the lady and asked her if she was looking for her sister. She looked at me and said….

“Well yes, she was supposed to meet me…” I explained that I saw a lady come in, asking about her sister.

Her response: “Was she kinda bald?”

Out of all the possible responses running through my mind, I honestly had not considered that one! Thankfully, I didn’t laugh. (But yes, I was laughing on the inside. Only a sister would point that out.)

I indicated the direction I had come from and eventually she was able to see her sister across the store. She thanked me and we went our separate ways.

Today, I chose boldness. In one specific situation, anyway.

How about you?

(By the way, after that brief interaction, I continued with my shopping, my cart singing its wacka-wacka-whhirrrrrr song the whole way. I started to get a little annoyed, but then I heard another cart making the most terrible grinding noise. And then I didn’t feel so bad. Oh perspective. Note to self: there is always a worse cart.)

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  1. Abbie
    Mar 22, 2011 @ 22:49:20

    “Was she kinda bald?” lol. Always expect the unexpected when it comes to people, I guess! I should have a random customer-service story to share, but I can’t think of anything right now. =D


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