Birthday corpses!

“And then you’ll go around a tree in the road,” she added.

Surely my Bluetooth was breaking up. A tree in the road. Sure. It was kinda funny, actually.

“I’m sorry . . . what was that?” I queried, wondering what Beth actually said.

“There’s this tree in the road. It narrows to one lane . . .”

I found myself wondering why someone didn’t remove the tree. I come from hurricane country. When a tree is in the road, it’s because a bad storm knocked it over but eventually someone goes out there with a chainsaw and gets some firewood out of it.

“It’ll make sense when you see it.”

I had my doubts. As promised, the road narrowed around what I can only assume was an historic tree, since it was not in fact lying across the road. It stood upright in the middle of what would have been my lane, the curb graciously curving around it.

We have a lot of historic stuff around the DC area but I can’t say I’ve seen a road narrow to accommodate a tree (because, let’s be honest, as serious as we are about history, we’re also serious about traffic). Whatever its significance, it left me laughing.

And thus began my birthday weekend of fabulousness. I cannot thank this lady enough for letting me monopolize her time and for creating a birthday adventure.

A few highlights:

We devoured some of the best cupcakes known to mankind. (I can neither confirm nor deny that I ended up with frosting on my nose. Didn’t even notice. It was that good.)

 Delicious cupcakes

Posed as corpses in an historic icebox (which, for all we know, has seen real corpses! And according to Beth, I make a convincing corpse. That’s going on my tombstone.).


And spent an afternoon at the beach (complete with sand in our teeth. Because you haven’t truly had a beach day until you’ve got sand in your teeth.).


In short, I had a fantastic birthday weekend.

More pictures of the adventure will be coming next week. (I’m going to be a tad busy this week, but I’ll tell you all about that on Thursday . . .)

there are adventures to be had

This is my birthday week. That’s right. On Thursday night, I will officially be 28.

I say officially because I’ve thought I was 28 since a month after I turned 27. I don’t know what it was about 27 I apparently found so offensive that I wanted to skip it. Really couldn’t tell you. It seems like a nice number. I have nothing against it. But for some reason, anytime someone asked, my brain kept telling me I was 28.

So apparently I’m going to keep turning 28. And to celebrate, I get to have two fabulous weekends. One involves me driving south to spend three days with this lady. A girls’ weekend has been in order for a while. Like ever since I discovered that she too enjoys the tasty goodness of turkey bacon and possesses a self-depracating sense of humor. And doesn’t judge me for sending her dressing room pics asking for her opinion. And doesn’t even think to question my sanity when I say I see Civil War ghosts.

If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’ll be because we’re too busy having adventures. Or were eaten by alligators. But I’ve promised Beth that if we encounter any alligators, I have no problem convincing said reptile that she’s a much tastier snack. As I take off running. (What? Girl’s got survival instincts, coupled with reptile issues. Don’t judge.)

See ya when I’m 28! (Again.)