scrub it

Hey friends, didja miss me? I’m interrupting your regularly-scheduled Friday to say I’m back in the world of the internet!

As I type, I am sitting in my new home, using the internet and sipping coffee. (Fresh coffee – freshly roasted, freshly ground. Not the bottled stuff I’ve been forced to drink for several weeks.)

Yep, closing finally happened. On July 25, my husband and I became homeowners again. It’s both exciting and exhausting. I love our new place, but it needs a lot of work. From the kitchen cabinets covered with more grease than anyone should ever use in the kitchen (please people, put down the shortening and grab the olive oil!) to the all-pink bathroom in the basement (ceiling included. Because being inside a Pepto-Bismol bottle was their big dream?) (more…)

shades of life

Yesterday, I got a package. And although I knew what was inside, pulling it out made me grin like a five-year-old eyeing her birthday cake.

What was it, you ask, that delighted me so?

A paint deck. As in, every color you could ever imagine, all together in one place.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Lest you picture something small, let me tell you — it’s 11 inches in length, 3 1/2 inches thick. And it’s a good thing I’ve been working out because it sure isn’t light. It’s not just a paint deck. It could double as a weapon or possibly a baseball bat. As a multi-tasker myself, I appreciate that. (more…)