What not to say… to a SAHM, pt. 1

It’s the first Thursday of the month, and that means it’s time for another round of “What not to say…” This time we’re looking at stay-at-home moms. And since I have no expertise in that area, I turned to my friend Jennifer Hale to give us some pointers.

Stay-at-home moms (henceforth referred to as SAHMs) are a unique bunch. We’re a sisterhood. Although we don’t have traveling pants, most of us do travel. A lot.

We travel from one activity to another with rarely any downtime.

We’re busy. We’re often tired. We’re sometimes covered in mystery substances and are seen quite often in exercise clothes when we’re out in public, even though we haven’t found the time in the day to exercise.

Many SAHMs appear that way. But there exists a small slice, myself included, who try to overcome the “stigma” of the haphazard, thrown together SAHM by appearing in public with makeup and combed hair. (Shocking, I know.) We expect our children to be well-behaved, we don’t complain (too much) about lack of sleep, and we don’t break down in tears whenever someone asks how we are.

For the most part, SAHMs are a strong bunch. We’re calm. We’re determined. We’re organized and intelligent. We have to be.

And yet, we are often misunderstood. And just like any situation where misunderstanding can present its ugly head, sometimes folks just needs a little help in knowing what to say. (more…)