Why I Took Away My Husband’s Wedding Ring

It happened a couple weeks ago. My husband came home from work and reminded me that I still had his wedding ring. I’d completely forgotten. He’d had to remove his ring at the doctor’s office a few days before and he gave it to me to hold onto. I tucked it into my purse and promptly forgot about it.

I gasped. “You mean for the past three days, you haven’t been married to me!?”

We joke about this a lot. The truth is, I don’t really care if my husband wears a ring. He’s married to me, ring or not. (more…)

what not to say… to a woman

To many men, women are a complete mystery. We baffle them with behaviors that appear illogical and statements that mean more than they seem. I’ll have been married for six years next week. I still confound my husband sometimes. I know most of you know how to treat women with respect. But there are some smaller details that most guys struggle with. So gents, today I’m gonna give you a few pointers. Specifically, what not to say to your wives/girlfriends/female friends:

“You look fine.” If we wanted to look “fine,” we’d have stayed in our pajamas. Fine is what we dig out of our closets on laundry day. Fine is when we get the wrong coffee order but we don’t have time to make it right. Fine means “well, if that’s the best you can do.” Fine means “I’ll just deal with it.”

A woman doesn’t want to look “fine.” (more…)


Sometimes I’m plagued by who I should be, things I should do.

I should be the kind of wife who makes supper for her husband every night. I should clean the bathroom every week. I should get up early and be happy about it. I should hum cheerfully while I dust.

Should, should, should.

Everyone’s got an opinion. Family especially. They’re all too happy to share their ideas on what a good wife is. They offer prescriptive rules dominated by the should clause. (more…)