Word Nerd Wednesday: Bad Behavior

Welcome back to Word Nerd Wednesday! Since I was on vacation last week, I’m offering two word stories today. Such a benevolent soul, am I. Let’s venture forth.

Carly, Madison, and Renata are a group of hipster, foodie types who decide to host a pepper tasting. From the most mellow bell pepper to fiery peppers that would score a ten on the hotness scale, this group of friends is ready to expand their palates. Eager to try something new, Carly takes a big bite of a lovely-looking pepper. Suddenly fire burns her mouth and she begins to feel dizzy, her body weakening with every second. (more…)

Welcome to Word Nerd Wednesday

Like many people in this country, when I was in high school, I had to take the SAT. Oh that hefty, terrifying, life-determining monster, the sorting hat for colleges, the most important test I’d ever take. Pick up an SAT prep book and you’ll find any number of helpful techniques, tips to create a savvy test-taker. I didn’t have many of those books. (They’re expensive, people!) But I do recall one technique I learned in my English class.

It was the power of story. (more…)