season of joy?

Ah, Christmas, the season of joy and warmth, of gifts and traditions and family. It’s a heartwarming time of year.

But not for everyone.

For some, this time of year brings extra pain, the reminder of lost loved ones. This season, I find myself thinking of them, of the hundreds of families in France and Kenya and Nigeria, and elsewhere around the world, whose loved ones stolen away by hatred, leaving an achingly empty seat at the table. (more…)

Merry Christmas

I grew up with heroes.

I didn’t really know, when I was a kid, what an impact growing up in a military town was having on me. Everyone was connected to the military in some way. Holidays were more meaningful because we knew so many families who were missing a vital piece, who were counting down the days until they could see their loved ones again.

Every major event in the world was framed differently for me. I saw it through the lens of how it would impact my city, whether troops would be sent from our base and for how long.

I’ve never stopped thinking about them—the men and women who serve my country, the ones who used to be my neighbors and my friends’ parents and my fellow church members.

To those dedicated souls who defend the rest of us and to the ones who love them, I offer my deepest gratitude and wish you a merry Christmas, wherever you may be.

it’s the most awww-kward time… of the year

You know what I’m talking about. This poor, confused week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It has identity issues. It’s like a pre-teen, trying to figure out who she is while she stares at her big sister’s hand-me-downs.

This week has no idea whether it’s Christmas-time or New Year’s-time. We don’t know whether to say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year or something in-between. We’re still basking in the glow of Christmas, still listening to Christmas music. And yet, we know the new year is flying toward us.

Like what, we’re supposed to throw off the Christmas merriment we’ve been anticipating for the past two months and embrace the whole “new year, new start” perspective? Transition from holiday treats and indulgences to new year’s resolutions within one week? I’m pretty sure that’s not healthy. (more…)