Dear Baby Boomers: An Open Letter from a Millennial

Dear Baby Boomers,

You have some strong opinions about Millennials, don’t you? It feels like we can’t turn around without seeing another article about how we’re lazy, a comment about how we’re too sensitive, a snarky meme about how we all need trophies.

You make fun of us for those participation trophies we got as kids, but we didn’t exactly buy them for ourselves when we were five. Naw. Ya’ll bought them, Baby Boomer parents. Not us. (more…)

Big Bertha and back-floating

“Are we gonna see Big Bertha today?” Her excited face peered up at me.

The other campers were quick to join in. “Ooh, yeah, can we see Big Bertha? Please?”

I paused. “Um, I guess we’ll see . . . You just never know.”

It was a safe answer. Especially considering I had no idea who Big Bertha was. It certainly wasn’t another member of staff. There was a lot of wildlife around the camp (appropriate since it was an outdoor center). A raccoon maybe? A giant one? I knew it couldn’t be some sort of reptile because there was no way the girls would be that excited. I had no clue. (more…)

the times, they are a changin’

Do you ever stop to think about where you were a year ago? I do. Quite a lot. Because my life seems to change rather quickly.

A year ago, I was just starting a summer internship. I would roll out of bed at 5:42 am, put on a suit and heels, and drive an hour in DC traffic. I was halfway through my masters program. I was working on a novel, although I didn’t tell many people about it. I didn’t know if I could write any fiction worth reading. (more…)