dear Bridget: learn, grow, live

Dear Bridget,

As of last week, I am now thirty. I bet to you that seems ancient. I mean, hello, that’s like twice your age. I bet you think I have things figured out, that I sail through life with the confidence of a grown woman. I don’t. But I have learned a few things, tips to pass on that could make your life easier now. Let’s start with a practical one…

  • Embrace hydration.

I know. It sounds like something your parents would say. But let me tell you, it’s ridiculously important, not just for your overall health, but, on a slightly vain note, it’s great for your skin, keeps it healthy and elastic so it stretches more easily as you grow. (more…)

a most special day

Today is a special day. On this day, in 1932, one of my favorite people entered the world. I would not be the same without him. (You can read more about him here.)

Here’s a big happy birthday to one of the best people I know and the person who believes I’m capable of just about anything: my grandfather.

Thank you for imparting your sense of humor to me, along with your love of coffee. The world would seem so dull without them. And the world would seem so dull without you. Thank you for understanding me in a way no one else could.

Birthday corpses!

“And then you’ll go around a tree in the road,” she added.

Surely my Bluetooth was breaking up. A tree in the road. Sure. It was kinda funny, actually.

“I’m sorry . . . what was that?” I queried, wondering what Beth actually¬†said.

“There’s this tree in the road. It narrows to one lane . . .” (more…)