dear Bridget: learn, grow, live

Dear Bridget,

As of last week, I am now thirty. I bet to you that seems ancient. I mean, hello, that’s like twice your age. I bet you think I have things figured out, that I sail through life with the confidence of a grown woman. I don’t. But I have learned a few things, tips to pass on that could make your life easier now. Let’s start with a practical one…

  • Embrace hydration.

I know. It sounds like something your parents would say. But let me tell you, it’s ridiculously important, not just for your overall health, but, on a slightly vain note, it’s great for your skin, keeps it healthy and elastic so it stretches more easily as you grow. (more…)

age me

“Hi. I have a meeting with Lindsay,” I said.

The teen at the counter smiled at me. “Okay. She just stepped out, but I’ll give her a call.”

I smiled back. “Thanks.” I wandered around the store, mentally preparing for my interview. The teen’s voice floated through the greeting cards to me.

“There’s a girl here to see you,” she said into the phone.

Did a teen really just call me a girl? (more…)