As you can no doubt tell, I’ve been a bit busy lately.

What have I been up to? Well, there’s work — that outside-the-house, 45 hours a week type of job — and then there’s the whole revising a novel thing and preparing for a writer’s conference (ordering new business cards and whatnot). And then there’s our house, what with the painting and cleaning it needs.

Here’s one house thing I’ve been working on: an old desk of mine. Used to be a basic wooden desk. Here’s what it used to look like (not the best angle, but you get the idea):

Desk - Before

I got tired of the sad, worn-down desk. I mean, it’s a pretty shade of wood, but not really my style. So I went at it with some spray paint. And more spray paint. And ended up with spray paint all over my arms and legs, because, well, I’m a whole-hearted refinisher. If I’m going to invest my time in something, it’s not gonna be a half-hearted effort.

So after several weekends of being covered in spray paint and getting polyurethane all over my fingers, I ended up with… (more…)

Earl Grey day

As promised, the continuation of my birthday weekend adventure:

After playing murder in the icebox, Beth and I hefted towels, food, water, and Orli (my camera) and planted ourselves on the beach. The sky was clear, the sun warm.

Beach 6

We sat, enjoying this view and chatting. Until Beth turned and looked behind me.
“Oh wow!” she exclaimed.
(Can I just say, it makes me seriously nervous when people look behind me and make strange faces.) (more…)

a place called Atalaya

One of the places Beth took me two weekends ago was a lovely, historic beach home named Atalaya (Spanish for watchtower). Built by a businessman for his sculptor wife, it sits feet from the beach, a refuge for Archer and Anna Huntington. The perfect introverts’ sanctuary since it has no guest quarters. On purpose. I so get these people.


Ok, so from the outside, it doesn’t look all that incredible. I mean, the teal is cool, but just wait until we get inside… (more…)