So you’ve got thousands of words on the page. You’ve got the characters and the plot and the subplot (or for nonfiction, the topic progression and the personal stories). You excel with the big picture, but the details get overwhelming sometimes. Grammar and syntax isn’t really your thing.

No worries. It’s my thing. I’m nuts about those minute details that drive most people crazy. I’d love to use my excessive attention to detail to help you polish that manuscript, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction.

Line-editing: Working word-by-word, I ensure you’re getting the most impact from each sentence, intriguing your readers without confusing them. Sentence-by-sentence, I help you polish your piece until it sparkles, while maintaining (and enhancing) your unique voice. This can involve the entire manuscript or only the section that needs work.

Price: $9 per thousand words (special discounts available to people I know and referrals)

Not sure if I’m the right editor for you? I get that. That’s why I offer a sample of my work, through a complimentary one-chapter line edit. After that, if you like what I do, we can talk about pricing for the rest of your project.

Recently, I have begun to offer another service to writers:

Researching: As an author, you know you need to get the details right, but sometimes you don’t have the time you need to confirm every single one. Here’s the thing: research was one of my favorite parts of grad school. I’ve developed special skills when it comes to finding information.

What does this entail? You tell me the kind of information you’re looking for, and I’ll send you a doc of links and titles of resource books with a couple lines of summary for each. The number of resources will vary based on the difficulty of the topic. For a complicated or specialty topic, an hour of work generally produces around 10 resources. For a simpler topic, an hour could provide around 20 resources.

Price: $25/hour (billed in hourly increments)

Interested? Just click on “contact me” (the little envelope on the top right side), and we’ll talk about what I can do to help you.