That time when… I thought the CIA was requisitioning my car

It was an ordinary day on yet another long commute. I had my phone plugged in so I could rock out to one of my Spotify playlists. It’s how I survive.

So there I was, singing along, seat-dancing like I do. And all of a sudden, the music stopped and a loud siren-y wail filled my car. I ceased dancing, looking around at the other cars. Were we all getting this noise?

Or was it just me? (more…)

That time when… I had an altercation

This month’s story comes from a day I ended up getting a scrape on my finger. But that’s obviously not the funny part. It’s the how.

I have a strange habit of talking to myself in my mind.

Well, not always just myself. Also other people who simply aren’t there at the moment. It’s usually whoever happens to be on my mind. I have a constantly running mental dialogue. And sometimes my mouth moves in spite of my best efforts to keep it still. (more…)