the deep freeze

In case you’ve been hibernating or in a coma for the past week, let me tell you: it’s been cold here in… the world.

Snow. Sun.

A polar vortex or arctic freeze or polar express from Antarctica swooped in a couple days ago and froze the world. Global warming now sounds like something we’d all pay good money for. (more…)

a single vote, revisited

Today is Election Day in VA. This time of year is when Americans around the world either journey to their polling places to cast their votes or mail in their ballots. And every year, my mind goes back to high school, to an event that could’ve been so ordinary. I wrote about it last year, but I think it’s worth revisiting, and since it’s my blog… 😉

So here it is, a post I called A Single Vote.

This time of year, everyone’s talking politics, campaigns, amendments. There are debates, both on tv and in the office, and more political advertisements than a person could possibly need. All to get your vote. And sometimes it seems like one vote is just a drop in the bucket. Sometimes it is. (more…)


It was an ordinary morning. That’s always how the best stories start. With ordinary. Normal. Even mundane.


Until a giant crash from my closet intruded on my ordinary morning.

I should have gone running to look. I imagine that’s what most normal humans would do. But the thing is, it was a Monday morning. Which meant I was tired. And I’m a homeowner. Which means I’m used to things going crash and delaying discovering the reason. So it was about 5 minutes before I turned my attention to my closet. (And that was mostly because a towel isn’t considered work appropriate attire.) (more…)