how Pinteresting

Like about a billion other people, I am on Pinterest. It can get overwhelming, all the random images thrown in your face.

Like a massive department store, it can assault your senses, so I mostly keep to my corner and curate my own little collection of useful images and links. But one of my pins gets pretty regular attention. It’s been repinned from my “marvelous characters” board close to 300 times.

What is this image that seems to grab the attention of the Pinterest world?  (more…)

Ender’s Game

I went to see Ender’s Game a couple weekends ago, admittedly with some trepidation. Why the trepidation? Well the move I saw before that was Gravity. Not a fan. (Can you say cheesy dialogue and never-ending, super-repetitive story-line?) And since all I knew about Ender’s Game was that it took place in space and involved kids, I kept flashing back to my previous exceedingly dull and never-ending experience. So I was more than pleasantly surprised by this movie. (more…)


It was an ordinary morning. That’s always how the best stories start. With ordinary. Normal. Even mundane.


Until a giant crash from my closet intruded on my ordinary morning.

I should have gone running to look. I imagine that’s what most normal humans would do. But the thing is, it was a Monday morning. Which meant I was tired. And I’m a homeowner. Which means I’m used to things going crash and delaying discovering the reason. So it was about 5 minutes before I turned my attention to my closet. (And that was mostly because a towel isn’t considered work appropriate attire.) (more…)