trial by existence

Sometimes I think if I had met Robert Frost (which would require me to have been alive during his lifetime), we would have been great friends. But given our mutual introversion, it’s more likely that we would have nodded at each other as we passed on a hike, each of us on our separate way back to our quiet homes.

But the things he wrote, the way he thought, it makes so much sense to me. Every time I read one of his poems, I think Finally! Someone who thinks like I do! Not that I’m putting myself on his level. Maybe one day I could write something with an echo of his style, but I don’t claim to be there. (more…)


“Describe yourself in one sentence.”

“Pick one word that represents you.”

“Select a username.”

For most writers, these are requests that send terror into our souls. I’m terrified at the thought of using only one sentence to represent myself or pick one word that sums me up. I’m a writer. One word to express everything I want to convey? Do you realize how much pressure that is?? (more…)

invisible girl

Sometimes I feel invisible.

Not in an angst-y, existential, “does anyone ever notice me???” type of way. I mean more literally. Sometimes I think people really just don’t see me.

Last Sunday, my husband and I were at an amusement park; the company he works for rented out the entire place for their massive staff. I’m talking thousands and thousands of people. It was overwhelming. And the food section was especially packed.

As I wandered through the masses, people nearly ran into me more times than I can count. I’m not a petite person. I’ve never been called small. I’m pretty sure I don’t fade into the woodwork. But for some reason, people keptĀ cutting in front of me or whirling around toward me, forcing me to do a quick dodge. Thankfully, I was ready, otherwise I likely would have ended up with salad in my hair and dressing dripping down my nose. (Now that would have been a great look for me.) (more…)