e-read it

I have finally entered the new era of readership. Ladies and gents, I own an e-reader. A Kindle Paperwhite, to be exact. It’s fabulous. Or he, rather. His name is Sir Roderigo (20 points if you get that reference), and he entered my life on Christmas.

Yeah, I used to be one of those book-in-my-hands type. (Honestly, I’ll always haunt used book stores for a good deal.) But one day, I realized that any time I travelled, my bag was stuffed with a “just in case I get bored” book and a “in case I’m not in the mood for the other one” book and a “in case I finish one of the others” book. (So I hate to be bored, all right?) (more…)

creatures of the road

I drive a lot these days. And when you consider how that driving takes place in the DC metro area, you have to agree it’s like Driving 2.0. We’re not talking peaceful country roads. It’s madness out there. Thankfully, I only venture out safely ensconced in Luna and armed with one assumption: most drivers are idiots.

I’m never disappointed.

There’s a whole jungle a lot of strange creatures out there. Like:

The GPS Drivers. Given that DC is a major tourist destination, we seem to have a lot of these. They’re the ones who drive 10 under the speed limit, braking intermittently. Until they realize they need to make a right turn. From the left lane. Then they cut off whoever is in their way (because obviously no one is allowed to turn around. Ever. If you miss your turn, you’re done.) (more…)

best of 2012

All right, everyone’s doing it. I guess I’ll jump on the boat. (Or wagon. Or whatever it is.) Here’s my look back at what happened in 2012.

1. I received my official master’s diploma. (Technically I finished school in December 2011, but my diploma didn’t arrive until March 2012).

2. I wrote a second novel and started a third. (more…)