they chose

He was standing hundreds of miles away when he got the news: his mother lay dying. He booked the next flight out, hoping, praying that he’d get there in time.┬áHe had one chance to get to her, one chance to say goodbye. She was fading quickly.

But things started going wrong. A delay, long enough to affect his next flight, the last flight of the day. A day could be too long. His mother didn’t have a day.

His heart broken, tears began streaming down his face in the middle of the airplane. He may not get the chance to say goodbye. (more…)

of mysteries and unexplained phenomena

When you buy a house, you acquire a number of mysteries. I’m not talking about doors closing on their own or thumps in the night or unclaimed boxes in the attic. No, our house mystery came in the form of a single light switch.

Light switches themselves are not mysterious. Flip the switch, a light turns on. Not complicated. (Assuming you have enough bulbs.)

Except this switch–a switch in our bedroom that didn’t seem to control anything in our bedroom, oddly enough. We joked, as we flipped it on and off repeatedly, that somewhere a light was flashing like an S-O-S signal. Or maybe a garage door was flying up and down. Who knew? Not us, clearly. (more…)

shattered, a night story

I… have incredibly strange dreams. It’s not a new phenomenon. I’ve always had intense, action-packed dreams. Often more interesting than the last book I read. I have no idea why, but I have to admit–I kinda like it. (I’m a story-teller; would you expect any other reaction?)

One of my latest ones really takes the cake for suspense dreams so I thought I’d share it with you. Are you ready for this? (Probably not, but here we go…) (more…)