a writer’s curse

To wield a pen, a burden weighs

Upon the mind of he who writes.

Responsibility of words

Churning night and day, night and day.


A thought, a whisper, fleeing fast,

Pen to paper before it’s gone.

Torture to him who loses it.

Fleeting, not to last, soon is past. (more…)

between these two worlds

Isn’t it funny how life can keep us from living? We get so wrapped up in everyday life we forget to really live.

Or maybe we don’t actually forget, but simply find time is the harsh judge who forces us to choose one or the other. And so, like obedient little bees, we work. We do what we must, what the rest of society demands of us. We hover around the flowers, collect pollen, but never take the time to enjoy those flowers; we are utterly blind to their beauty. (more…)