fiction fail

Confession time: I have issues with fiction.

Which is odd, because I write fiction. Or maybe that explains everything.

The thing is, I crave authenticity. But authenticity is hard to find in fiction, especially when it comes to characters and endings.

Much too often, the characters are simple stereotypes or completely lack depth. They’re missing the motivation for their actions or any true personality. I’m a big fan of personality. I want characters to be quirky and full of life, like real people are. I want them to talk like real people. Instead what I hear coming out of their mouths are the words the author shoves in there. (more…)

i dream of non-romance

I love the story of Little Women. Probably because I see much of myself in Jo. I read or watch and think That’s me. Louisa May Alcott was inside my brain. The part of Little Women that people always talk about is Jo’s relationship with Laurie. In fact, many people are heartbroken that the two don’t end up together.

Here’s a little-known fact: Alcott didn’t want Jo to end up with anyone. She wanted her to remain independent and free. But public outcry was so great when Jo rejected Laurie (obviously a woman needed a man!) that Alcott was forced to add Professor Bhaer, but she made him as unconventional a match as she could.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Professor Bhaer is a fantastic character. But I wish Alcott had been able to pursue her original plan and made Jo an adventurous, unfettered single woman, debunking those pesky myths about lonely and bitter spinsters. (more…)