Darkness surrounded us. A single light shone into one corner of the parking lot, failing miserably in its battle against the darkness. Three other cars stretched out across the parking lot. I was forced to guess where the lines were for my parking spot. As we climbed out and shut our car doors, the thuds resounded against the silence like gunshots.

“Um. Hopefully there will be more people here tomorrow…” Abbie commented, her eyes darting around the lot.

“Yeah. Uh, probably. I bet.” Clearly I was confident.

With luggage in tow, we strode up to a solid wooden door. After successfully encountering a living, breathing, and not creepy-looking human being who successfully checked us in, we decided to explore. In the darkness. (more…)

nothing gold

It whispered to me as I rushed by, a hint of pink blushing the clouds. “Come look,” it murmured. Only the edge of a sunset was visible from inside our apartment. But it was promising me more. Not yelling or demanding my attention. Just whispering.

I listened.

I’ve learned, over the past few years, to listen to those whispers, to recognize the moments that deserve appreciation. Life is short and these moments aren’t promised to us.

I ventured out onto the balcony and found the whispered promise beyond expectation. (more…)