Florida was fabulous. I’ve never been to such a tropical-feeling place. Here’s a sample of what I saw there.

Some gorgeous bay views (and thankfully no alligators!).
FL waters

Colorful sunsets off a boardwalk.
FL waters 2

Although bugs feasted on my flesh while I climbed up on a bench to snap this one, I kinda feel like it was worth it.

And after several days of working, there was a trip to a beach on a freakishly windy, rainy, typhoon-type day. (Well, I was hoping for an empty beach. Got my wish there! More about that experience on Tuesday.) But thankfully, the next day sported only a few clouds and I got my sunny day at the beach.
windy beach 2

And a kinda groovy downtown there in Tampa. Who doesn’t love a pair of palm trees gracing a cool building?
downtown b&w
All in all, not a bad trip. Florida has a lot to offer. (But next time, I’m bringing bug spray.)

it’s a jungle

I like to visit cool places. Especially when no one else is visiting said cool places. Like, for instance, the zoo in the middle of a cold January. Yep. And as I wandered around the quiet zoo, I realized there were more than a few life lessons these animals could teach me. Like…


Be prepared. You never know what is coming around the corner…

blog_lion battle1


Sometimes you just have to walk away from bad company.

blog_lioness away1


When things look bad, sit down and have a snack.

blog_panda snack1


Act wisely. You never know who may be watching.

blog_lion watch1


Fences. Sometimes they’re a very good thing. Appreciate them.

blog_cheetah fence


When all else fails, dance.

blog_elephant dance1