categories & labels

Recently, I decided to completely reorganize our DVDs. Our move last year gave me the perfect excuse. Instead of the boring, typical, alphabetical system I had used previously, as I unpacked our movies, I divided them by genres. We’ve got action, adventure, fantasy, inspirational drama, literary drama, etc. (And now my husband can’t find anything, since I made up some genres. But it makes sense to me.)

Categories simplify. They make life easier. And anything can be divided into categories, even people. (more…)


How do you worship?

I’m not talking about the “everybody sing along now” type of Sunday morning worship. Or the service type of worship – like volunteering at your church or a local charity. Those are both great, but they’re not what I mean.

What I’m talking about is that thing you do that makes you feel closest to God, that lets you forget all the randomness in this world and takes you to the place where it’s just you and your heavenly Father – nothing else matters. (more…)