still, I will dance

Two weeks ago today, death snuck into my home and took my amazing cat. It feels weird to call her my cat because she was so much more — she was convinced she was a human and sometimes she acted like it. (And to be honest, I liked her better than most humans.) At the risk of sounding like a weird cat lady, I have to admit, she was one of my best friends. (more…)


Today, the earth trembled.

It shuddered and shook and rattled my candle holders. To be honest, I had no idea what was happening at first. I thought it was the wind. (Our very tall apartment building tends to move in the wind. I’m used to it.) But then I realized, that ain’t no wind. The lack of wind noises was a big hint. (I’m a bright one, I am.) I thought maybe there was a problem with the building. (A happy thought, that one.) (more…)