Closed door, open door

My cat hates doors. Well, mostly she hates closed ones. If she’s on the inside of a closed door, she feels trapped. If she’s on the outside, she feels left out. She loses the ability to function. She paws at the door. She cries. She rolls around on the floor like a very weird cat. All because of one closed door.

I don’t do well with closed doors either. Not so much literally as figuratively. I think it’s common to most humans. We see a closed door and we fixate on what could have been. We ponder what might be behind that door (something fabulous and wonderful, of course!) We wonder why it’s closed. Why aren’t we allowed to go through it? Why has God closed that door to us? (more…)

Fatal Deduction: a book review

Since I love reading fiction, and can tell within a few pages if a book is worth reading, I decided to dally a while in the world of book reviews. Here we go…

Libby Keatings is an antiques dealer whose biggest problems are connecting with her teen daughter and getting along with her twin sister. Until, of course, mystery and intrigue find her. From page one, this book takes off and sweeps the reader up in the action.

First let’s talk about my biggest concern when it comes to fiction: the characters. As a psychology dork, I’m obsessed with characters. And I can admit it, I misjudged Libby. When I read that she had a daughter, I thought Oh. So, she’s a typical Christian soccer mom. I was wrong. Gayle Roper did a fantastic job of keeping Libby away from stereotype territory. (more…)