so long, 2013

Everybody’s in a reflective mood today, pondering what 2013 held and what may be coming in 2014.

I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks. I’m not much for resolutions and whatnot but there’s a lot I’m thankful for when it comes to 2013, so naturally I made a list. (Did you really expect anything else?)

  • Having a job I enjoy.
    • I started my current job at the end of 2012, but it was not the most fascinating work. It wasn’t until March of 2013, when I was moved from the recruiting side of the business to the consulting side, that I really began to enjoy it. Having worked plenty of jobs I didn’t enjoy, I’m thrilled to have one that challenges me and gives me opportunities to apply my master’s degree. Plus, it has flexible hours and a casual dress code.
  • Almost finishing my writing space.
    • Last year, there were small bits and pieces that were completed. But now I have most of the furniture I need and a massive cork board that helps me keep track of the scenes in my novels. It’s my purple-walled, vintage-y space and I adore it.
  • Finding opportunities to travel.
    • Over the course of this year, I have been to Florida, California, and Indiana. (I don’t recall if I’ve ever been to IN before but the other two were first times for me.) I also sojourned to SC and, for Christmas, through TN to GA and then through SC to NC. A nice tour of the southeast.
  • Being healthy.
    • Between balancing a full-time job and slipping in some writing time and tackling the never-ending piles of laundry and working on our still-a-renovation-zone house, I was concerned I wouldn’t have time to take are of myself. But between finagling my diet and scheduling time to work out, I’ve managed it.
  • I met Frank Peretti and pinned a boutonniere on him without stabbing him. (You can read about it here.)
    • This is an accomplishment in so many ways. One, I mean, hello, Frank Peretti. And two, I didn’t have a clumsy moment and I managed to get the boutonniere on in one try. And it stayed on all night. Quite an accomplishment since I’d only had one other experience with a boutonniere.
  • Finding my people.
    This may be the one thing I’m most grateful for this year, even though it didn’t happen until September. But Laurie, Anne, and Jaime swiftly became my people. I’m so grateful for my writer-ladies. Here’s to decades of friendship and multi-book contracts for us all!

There it is. My 2013 gratitude list. Thank you for your service, 2013.

May 2014 bring great adventures and bold ideas. Happy New Year, my friends!


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