Happy Independence Day! I was going to write about what I love about my country, the incredible opportunities we have here (chance at an education, all the incredible freedoms) but I find myself thinking about something else.

I’m thinking about the men and women who first stood up for freedom here 237 years ago. And the men and women who have taken up that cause over the years. We live in freedom because of you and I cannot thank you enough. And I’m not alone. This song is a beautiful expression of gratitude (Note to an Unknown Soldier by Five for Fighting).

(P.S. The next Style Mysteries video will be here next week.)

what big teeth you have

I floated in the water near a pier, just enjoying the day. A wall of murky water towered behind me, separating me from the houses.

“The water’s high today,” I thought to myself. “Lots of rain lately.”

As I looked at the wall of water, a shadow began to emerge from its depths, zooming toward me. My heart pounded as I realized what it was: an alligator. And it was headed right toward me.

Somehow my earbuds turned into a rope (thank goodness for that, although why I had my earbuds on the water is anyone’s guess) and I was able to swing myself out of the way as the alligator went flying by. From the other side, another alligator came flying out of the water and the two met, teeth ripping into each other, powerful tails flailing as I watched, dangling mere feet away and calling for help.

Just in time, a coworker reached out and pulled me to safety. I breathed deeply, my feet safely on the deck, until I looked down and realized blood was flowing from my knee. Apparently I had a minor injury. I sank into a nearby couch as I attempted to stop the flow of blood.

“Oh no!” I had gotten blood on the coworker’s white couch. “I am so sorry!”

“No worries,” she said, pulling out a Shout wipe.

It was around that time my alarm pulled me out of the bizarreness, but that was my dream last night. And man do I feel tired today. Apparently trying to avoid death by alligator teeth is draining.

Perhaps the moral of this story is to always be armed with earbuds and a Shout wipe. Noted.

What about you? Do you ever have such bizarre dreams?